Purest Soul (Mother)

All the pain in the way will get away,
when I’ll see you in the way.

Everything is marvelous,
because you made my day fabulous.

The pain in the heart will never hurt,
till you are there.   My mother

Pain turns in strength.
which never had any length.

What is there in your feet,
the more you I down the more I rise up.

Is it the power of your blessing,
or is it the power of your caring

You are always there  my mother.

May be my words will end for you,
but your care, your love, your blessing will never end for me.

One who’ll be there for me,
one who’ll lift me up, is no one else than you, My Mother.

Thanks for lifting me up the way you do,
thanks for holding my hand the way you do.

In the end I want to be with you,
I want to be there for you as you were there when I needed you.

So many words are derived for you,
Mother from out side Maa from my homeland.
but feelings remains the same.
From me to you-From you to me,

“my mother I LOVE YOU”